Invasive Weed Control

We survey, treat and control emerging or established invasive weeds, preventing damage to property, human health and natural habitats.

Invasive Weed Control

Managing Hazards
Invasive weeds can be extremely hazardous to people, property and nature if not managed responsibly. Most of us have heard stories of species like Japanese knotweed and giant hogweed, and the serious harm they can cause. For this reason, there is extensive legislation covering the secure containment of these plants to avoid further spread. Our service allows you to safely manage invasive weeds on your property so you can comply with regulations and minimise any negative impacts.

Specialist Consultants
Dealing with invasive weeds is a specialist skill and requires appropriate training and licensing. Unlike other landscaping companies, we have in-house technicians who are fully certified to survey, manage and treat invasive weeds, including Japanese knotweed. That means we don’t just tell you what we think you should do – we advise you of the necessary actions that need to be taken, and we support you with a skilled team that is qualified to carry them out.

Targeted Approach
Following a thorough assessment by one of our certified surveyors, we develop a treatment plan for your site. This normally includes a series of immediate steps, along with an annual evaluation and management programme running over three to five years. Actions can involve manual removal or on-site treatment, and our team is licensed to deal with any biosecurity or permit requirements that arise. We combine our years of experience and the latest best practice techniques to devise a plan for your site that balances environmental care with effective, long-term results.

Repurposing Land
Invasive weeds can cause major problems for any building project. Increased urbanisation and the demand for housing has led to more frequent use of derelict and infill sites for development. Invasive species thrive in these neglected landscapes, and Japanese knotweed, in particular, poses significant challenges for developers, local authorities and construction companies. Our service overcomes these obstacles, enabling clients to satisfy ever-expanding legislation and repurpose unused sites as better spaces for our community.

Why SAP Landscapes?

There are so many reasons to choose SAP Landscapes to manage the invasive weeds on your property. Here are just a few:

Protect people, property, flora and fauna with responsible, targeted treatment methods.

Ensure safety and effectiveness by working with a fully certified specialist team.

Comply with all relevant legislation.

Transform neglected land into better spaces for people to live and work in.

Be confident that your treatment plan combines the latest best practice solutions with over 45 years’ expertise.

Enjoy the convenience of sourcing all your landscape requirements from one supplier.

Avail of our nationwide service, no matter where your property is located.

Do you suspect there are invasive weeds on your property? We can help.

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