Lansdowne Place

Historical Landscapes for Modern Living


Ballsbridge, Dublin 4

Services Delivered:

Landscape Construction and Landscape Maintenance


Residential Development


Castlethorn and JJ Rhatigan

Landscape Architect:

Bernard Seymour


Highly Commended (Bernard Seymour), ILI Awards 2020

We were privileged to work alongside Bernard Seymour Landscape Architects and our clients Castlethorn and JJ Rhatigan on this exciting Lansdowne Place project. Formerly the Berkeley Hotel, the site was redeveloped to serve as a high-end residential complex.

Conscious of its historic significance as the site of the former Trinity Botanic Gardens, the design ensured retention of mature Holm Oaks within the grounds. These continue the historical legacy of the use of the site as the Trinity College Botanical Gardens from 1806 until the 1960s and contribute to the sense of maturity of the landscape.

Working on a phased basis since 2019, SAP Landscapes have completed the installation of the soft landscaping, including roof gardens, courtyard areas and planters. Given its city centre location and restricted access, the work required detailed planning to deliver large volumes of trees and shrubs and to ensure they were carefully installed in a live project environment.

During subsequent years, our maintenance teams have looked after the gardens to a high standard.

The result is a well established and natural landscape that provides a social space and an urban oasis for the residents of the development.

The high quality of the design by Bernard Seymour Landscapes Architects was recognised at the 2020 Irish Landscape Institute of Ireland Awards with Lansdowne Place being Highly Commended under the Residential category.

Large Tree Installation
In November 2022, our Landscape Construction Team carried out a large tree installation at Lansdowne Place. This was a very specialised project that required strategic planning, logistics and above all expertise.

The process began with choosing the right tree that would provide a beautiful addition to this residential development. In 2019, a Giant Redwood (Sequoiadendron giganteum) was chosen and the tree was contained in a Spring Ring. Cone shaped holes in the walls of the container ideally position the roots horizontally creating a structure that is suited to the planting site. This gives the tree excellent survival results as the roots grow into the surrounding soil in a short space of time.

Transporting the Giant Redwood which measured at an enormous 14 metres tall and weighing 13.2 tonnes involved very careful planning and precision by our Team to ensure its safe transfer into the city centre. Stringent Health and Safety procedures were implemented to avoid any dangerous situations on route and during the lifting and planting process. Other practicalities included meticulously preserving the health and quality of the tree by making sure the branches were not damaged during transportation.

The tree finally arrived at its destination and the transplantation was a success thanks to specialised equipment and the commitment of our dedicated Team who have a deep admiration for what this tree will represent at its new home in Lansdowne Place.

“Working with the team at SAP Landscapes on the Oak Park project was a pleasure. They understood our vision from the get-go, and the knowledge and the expertise they brought to the project was immense in delivering this award-winning project”.

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