We help clients adopt more sustainable approaches to managing their property, improving the biodiversity of their landscapes and contributing to a better environment for us all.

Green by Nature
Taking care of the environment is what we do – and we’ve been it doing for years. Whether we are designing and installing an entirely new space, or looking after one you already have, we always seek out the most sustainable solutions that are appropriate for your property and encourage biodiversity.

Green by Design
With the rapid increase of urbanisation in our towns and cities, the importance of protecting and nurturing our natural ecosystems has never been greater. That’s why we’ve developed a range of dedicated environmental services and supports.

Working directly with planners, local authorities and architects right through to property, facility and sustainability managers, our solutions integrate nature into the urban environment and boost the sustainability credentials of your landscape.

Biodiversity & Environmental Support
Led by our in-house Biodiversity Ambassador, our team offers specialist support in helping you achieve your ESG and sustainability goals. We can guide you towards greener practices when constructing, maintaining or rethinking your landscape.

We survey your site, identify potential areas for improvement, support you in implementing and managing these changes and provide all the information and documentation you need to report on your environmental initiatives. As a proud Business Supporter of the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan, we place a particular emphasis on boosting the biodiversity value of your property.

Biodiversity & Environmental Services
Our dedicated greening solutions create natural habitats where people, plants and wildlife can thrive. We provide a full design, installation and maintenance service for meadows, living walls and roof gardens. These bring enormous environmental benefits to any landscape, allowing you to introduce more diverse flora and fauna to your scheme, improve air quality, save energy and even manage rainwater.

Seeds of Change
We are changing the way our industry thinks about, and reacts to, today’s environmental challenges. In this ever-evolving field, we always follow the science, bringing you the latest tested solutions and developing innovative approaches of our own. Our years of experience allow us to see the wood for the trees, and you can trust us to present the most considered response, whatever your environmental issue.

Why SAP Landscapes?

There are so many reasons to choose SAP Landscapes for environmental services and supports. Here are just a few:

Transform your landscape into a better space where people, plants and wildlife can thrive.

Provide food and natural habitats for native flora and fauna.

Meet your ESG and sustainability targets.

Avail of the latest industry innovations, backed up by years of knowledge and experience.

Generate positive environmental effects, like cleaner air, flood mitigation, improved energy efficiency and increased biodiversity.

Provide healthier, more engaging spaces for work and recreation.

Interested in hearing more? We’d love to help you explore the potential of your property.

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It really had a great impact and looks very smart. The quality of the plants and shrubs are fantastic, a very swift turnaround time and no disruption or mess was a huge benefit to operations on site.

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