Gender Pay Gap Report

Closing the Gap for a Fairer Workplace


SAP Landscapes are committed to creating an environment that ensures equal opportunity and inclusivity for all employees.  We are proud to have a diverse workforce and are working towards improving the gender balance within our organisation.

What is the gender pay gap?

The gender pay gap is the difference in the average hourly wage of women and men across a workforce.

What is equal pay?

Equal pay is women and men receiving equal pay for the same role.  At SAP Landscapes we believe we have equal pay.

SAP Landscapes Gender Pay Gap Report June 2023

SAP Landscapes is pleased to announce the publication of our second Gender Pay Gap report, aligning with the Irish government’s reporting legislation.

This report offers transparent pay data across our organisation, reflecting our commitment to diversity and equality in the workplace. We believe that transparency is essential in creating a more inclusive and equitable environment for all employees.

Hourly Pay

The average mean pay gap is 11.09%. In this instance female employees are paid 11.09% more than male employees. The median hourly pay gap is 2.53%. In this instance female employees are paid 2.53% more than male employees. 

Bonus Pay

Of the employees that received a bonus 4.69% were female and 95.31% were male. The mean bonus pay gap is 16.39%.  Male employees received 16.39% more than female employees. The median bonus pay gap is 5.26%.  Female employees received 5.26% more than male employees.

Why the gap?

In addressing the gender imbalance in our organisation, we acknowledge the traditional male dominance in the landscaping industry and the impact it has had on our workforce.

While we have seen a larger proportion of male employees in lower remuneration roles and more females in administrative positions, we are actively working towards increasing gender diversity at all levels.

Our senior management team currently consists of 28% female representation, and we are committed to implementing initiatives to foster a more inclusive and balanced workplace environment.

Closing the gap

At SAP Landscapes, we are dedicated to promoting gender balance and increasing the representation of female employees in all professions and levels within our organisation.

We understand that this is a journey that will take time, but it is a challenge that we are fully committed to embracing. We believe in the value of female talent and are actively encouraging women to join our company. Through initiatives such as attending career fairs and offering summer work opportunities to female students, we are working towards a more inclusive and diverse workplace.

We are focused on achieving long-term results and will continue to monitor and measure our progress against our commitments throughout the year.

“We are committed to the challenge of attracting more females into the landscaping sector and to retaining and progressing our existing female employees.  We will continue to build on our success to date in making SAP Landscapes a fair and equal workplace where women are encouraged and supported”